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17 September 2009 @ 07:02 pm
So today after a ridiculous day where all my students were little shites, I slipped and fell really hard on the concrete outside my lecture theatre. A guy ran to help and I said I felt faint because my foot was hurting. He then told all the other people who came to help that I'd fainted, so security was called and I was given oxygen. This helped.

Then an ambulance was called and an off-duty one came to look at my foot. No broken ankle but it hurt a lot so I was told to go to the med center. By this time Lachlan had been phoned and he took me up there.

I have possibly cracked the fifth metatarsal in my foot, which could mean awhile on crutches. I have crutches from the medical center tonight anyway since my x-ray is in the morning.

The worst bit was lying on the ground feeling like a retard. I hope I'm not on crutches for the next few weeks. That would suck arse.

On the plus side, I have crutches! Props for panto ftw! Aren't I a good president? :P


28 July 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Two years. <3

Mine is the best boyfriend. Better than yours. :3
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13 June 2009 @ 10:53 am
One by one, type each letter of the alphabet in the URL Line of your Browser. Your most visited sites beginning with this letter - or using this letter within their address - will show in the little pop-up box below the URL Line. Take the top site - or the next one if you have privacy/security issues with the first (or if you get multiples of the same, like I did!) - and add it to your A to Z list.

A - www.amazon.com
B - bake-it.blogspot.com
C - www.commbank.com.au/
D - da-anime.info/
E - www.etsy.com/
F - www.facebook.com
G - georgielove.com/
H - www.dessertsmag.com/
I - www.ice-cream-recipes.com/
J - www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen/mp3s.htm
K - thefrock.com/
L - www.library.uwa.edu.au/
M - gmail.com
N - www.google.com/reader/next
O - www.metric-conversions.org/weight/ounces-to-grams.htm
P - www.paypal.com.au/
Q - www.nique.com.au/
R - steampunkworkshop.com/
S - sososew.blogspot.com/
T - twitter.com/home
U - www.uwa.edu.au/
V - www.google.com/reader/view/
W - www.wai-con.org/
X - statusanxiety.com.au/
Y- www.flickr.com/
Z - toggle.co.nz/

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11 March 2009 @ 08:45 pm

Ok, so my parents are going away for the weekend. If people would like to come chillax at my house from about 3pm on Saturday, then that would be cool. If you need my address, email me, catz.on.mars(at)gmail(dot)com.

Things you may like to bring;

Bathers and a Towel if you'd like to go in the pool.
Your own alcohol.
Dvds you'd like to watch.
Some snacks/stuff for the barbecue (if you can't, don't worry, we'll most likely have more than enough..)

If people really, really want to crash, that'd be okay, but only the floor will be available.

Let me know if you're coming. I'm also putting this on facebook, so if you're on there then that'd be the best way to rsvp...

Edit: Or you could also RSVP by commenting here... *headdesk*
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11 February 2009 @ 01:20 pm
Due to conversations over the last few days I feel out of the loop and possibly like some people are annoyed at me. Lulzparanoia.

I only have three days of uni and more teaching this year. Horray more time and money.
20 January 2009 @ 11:12 pm
(Copied from Lach's post, just in case there are people on my f-list that aren't on his!)

Lachlan and I would like to move out in the near future.  He has finished his undergrad degree now and is starting a PhD this year so he will be at uni for another four years. I'll be at uni for at least another two, finishing my degree.  Because of that it would make a lot of sense to get a place near uni, which will cost too much for just the two of us to pay for.  Essentially we need to find some housemates to share costs with.  Single and two bedroom flats around uni are going for $275 a week, but with four people, a three bedroom place becomes quite affordable.  A couple of people have expressed an interest but until people make a commitment it's hard to start looking for places.  We're keeping an eye out for suitable places, but if you see anything sweet, let us know.  If you want to talk it over just give us a call or an email.

tldr; Lach and I are looking for housemates. Interested?
14 January 2009 @ 08:52 am
change the bits which are in italics if you want to do it yourself

looking back on 2008
I gained far too much weight.
I lost my naivety.
I stopped being trampled on.
I started thinking towards the future.
I was hugely satisfied by panto.
And frustrated by panto.
I am so embarrassed that I threw that bucket.
Once again, I over-committed.
Once again, I did not feel good enough.
The biggest physical difference between me last January and this January is longer hair.
The biggest psychological difference between me last January and this January is I am now more confident.
I loved spending time just being with Lach.
Why did I spend even two minutes worrying what other people thought?
I should have spent more time studying.
I regret buying my phone.
I will never regret buying my sewing machine.
Even though with that money I could have bought a guitar.
I procrastinated way too much.
I didn't catch up with girlfriends enough.
He drove me crazy.
Was panto crazier than ever last year? Or was it just me?
The most relaxing place I went was Thailand.
Why did I go to uni when I was sick?
The best thing I did for someone else was be supportive.
The best thing I did for myself was think things through.
The best thing someone did for me was standing up for me.
The one thing I'd like to do again, but do it better, is aural.

looking forward to 2009
One thing I will learn is how to be a better teacher.
One place I will go is down south.
One physical habit I will break is chewing on my lips.
One physical habit I will cultivate is working out.
One mental habit I will break is worrying.
One mental habit I will cultivate is patience.
One relationship I'll repair is with people I haven't tried to get to know.
One work habit I will change is how much sleep I get.
One thing I'll throw out is old shoes.
One thing I'll eat more often is fruit.
One thing I'll eat less is uni lunches.
One thing I'll drink more is water.
One thing I'll drink less is coffee.
One overdue e-mail I'll send, or overdue phone call I'll make is to Izzie.
One resentment I'll get over is towards E.
One person I'll treat more respectfully is myself.
One thing I'll spend less money on is take-out.
One other change I'll make in my finances is to not take anything out of my savings.
One thing I'll spend less time doing is practicing trombone :D
And a thing I'll spend more time doing is studying.
One resolution I've made before but will honor this time because I really do believe that with a little effort life can be better is to try and understand the world around me better.
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02 November 2008 @ 09:44 am
It comes to my attention that people think I'm grumpy/mean/indifferent/serious.

I'm sorry if you feel that way. It hurts me a lot that anyone would think that about me. Yes, I am conscientious about my studies and various groups I am involved in. Yes, I expect the same from those around me and I am prone to telling people if I think they're not pulling their weight in a given situation. But really, is that such a bad thing, if it gets the job done? I'm as diplomatic as I can be. I've never once said anything personal to anyone I've been frustrated with. I will always just tell you what I think is wrong and leave it.

I'm not the carefree person I was when I came to uni. A lot has changed at home and it still gets me down a lot of the time. I don't think I take it out on people and in any case, it's not an excuse, but if you think I'm less buoyant than usual that's probably why.

If you make a rude joke, and I don't laugh, it's probably because I don't find it funny. You're making me uncomfortable. Don't take it personally. I'm sure a different person would find it amusing.

If I don't want a hug, don't assume it's because I hate you. I just don't want a hug. Plain and simple. I'm not as touchy-feely as I think a lot of my friends are.

If I get upset, it's because I'm stressed and I'm insecure. Leave me be. And for god's sake, don't make me any less secure about myself by listing my flaws to me or telling me that some people don't like me. I'm perfectly capable of imagining a million and one terrible things all at once and I don't need anyone making it worse.

No one is perfect after all.
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01 October 2008 @ 10:26 pm

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25 September 2008 @ 05:57 pm

Things to do this week

History essay: 1500/3000 words completed
Materials assignment: not started
Harmony assignment: 13 / 31 questions done
Observation assignment: All observations done - needs to be written up
Harmony notes
History notes: 3 lectures behind


To people who were at the tav on Monday; thanks for turning up, I had a great time until the end there. I'm sorry you had to see that, but y'know this stuff happens. :)

My birthday was great! Rove was so funny!

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